Top Child Psychologists in Delhi NCR

Top Child Psychologists in Delhi NCR


In the bustling metropolis of Delhi NCR, where life moves at a rapid pace, they frequently encounter a variety of difficulties, including those about the mental and emotional health of their children. Children go through several situations that can affect their mental health, such as social dynamics, developmental stages, and pressures from the classroom. When this happens, having a licensed child psychologist's advice and assistance can make all the difference. And when it comes to ensuring the mental well-being of children in Delhi, Psychowellness Centre stands out as a premiere destination.

Who is a Child Psychologist?

A child psychologist is a mental health practitioner who helps kids and teens learn better coping mechanisms for life's challenges, relationships, and mental health concerns. Child psychologists are well knowledgeable about the fundamental psychological requirements of kids and teens as well as how their families and other social environments affect:

  • Emotional and social adjustment.

  • Motor development both Gross  & Fine,

  • Language & Speech development

  • Changes in behavior.

They accomplish this by using psychological examinations and other forms of therapy. Mental, emotional, social, and behavioral health disorders can be treated with their assistance.

Why to choose Psychowellness Center?

PSYCHOWELLNESS CENTER provides the best child psychologist clinic in Delhi, NCR is renowned for its outstanding group of experts and thorough approach to child psychology, which is especially designed to meet the needs of kids and teenagers. They ensure that every kid receives individualized care by combining knowledge and it’s called Kid Therapy, empathy, and a comprehensive understanding of child development in their approach. We specializes in teen therapy, it is best online teen therapy in Delhi NCR.

Key features of Psychowellness Centre

  • Expert team of child psychologists:  The team is led by Dr. (Prof) R K Suri, No. 1 Child Psychologist in India, at the heart of Psychowellness Centre is its team of highly qualified and experienced child psychologists. Each professional brings a wealth of knowledge and specialized training in various aspects of child psychology, including developmental disorders, emotional and behavioral issues, learning disabilities, and more.

  • Comprehensive services: Psychowellness Centre offers a wide range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of children and their families. These include:

  • Assessment and diagnosis: The Psychowellness Center provides a broad range of services to cater to the various requirements of kids and their families. Among them are:

  • Diagnosis and assessment: offer comprehensive psychological assessment services. To conduct psychological assessments, our practicing psychologists employ a range of methods and instruments, such as clinical interviews, observations, tests, and consultation with other experts. Psychowellness offers aptitude testing, personality evaluations, neuropsychology, and IQ testing, Learning Disability Assessment, Psychoeducational Assessment, Personality, self-esteem, self-confidence assessment. 

Treatment of Autism Spectrum, ADHD, SLD, Behaviour Problems of Children: 

  • Therapeutic interventions: CBT, ABA Therapy, music therapy,  play therapy for autism, anxiety, ADHD, speech therapy, LD, and other techniques are used in individual and group therapy sessions. The best ABA therapy center in Delhi.

  • Occupational therapy: The Psychowellness Centre offers an occupational therapy area for individuals of all ages with physical, sensory, or cognitive issues.

  • Language & Speech Therapy: The Psychowellness Center offers language and speech therapy by speech therapist to help child develop language and speech problems of Autism spectrum, and ADHD children. 

  • Child-centric environment: The facility is made to feel like a warm, secure haven for kids. Children feel more at ease in the kid-friendly setting, which facilitates their opening up and participation in the therapeutic process. Psychowellness Center strongly emphasizes fostering an accepting and non-judgmental environment where kids feel free to express themselves.

  • Holistic approach: Psychowellness Center takes a holistic approach, realizing that a child's mental health is impacted by a multitude of circumstances. In creating their treatment programs, they consider the child's family and academic, social, and emotional environments. This all-encompassing perspective guarantees that every facet of the child's life is attended to, hence fostering general well-being.

No. 1 child psychologist In Delhi NCR and India: Dr. RK Suri

Psychologists with more than Forty years of expertise in the area, is a major contributor to the reputation of the Psychowellness Centre. Dr. RK Suri entry into the field of child psychology is evidence of his deep empathy and dedication to helping people. Equipped with an intense curiosity about human nature and a strong will to change things. His approach goes beyond traditional limits to meet the individual needs of every child entrusted to his care. He fosters an environment that is secure and supportive, enabling kids to freely express themselves. Every child, regardless of whether they are struggling with behavioral disorders, anxiety, depression, or developmental challenges, receives individualized attention and interventions that are specifically designed to help them reach their full potential.

Dr. Suri is passionate about expanding the field of child psychology through research and instruction in addition to his therapeutic practice. He has written and spoken frequently, and his contributions to textbooks and scholarly journals have illuminated new directions and best practices in child mental health. 

Beyond his achievements in his field, Dr. Suri influence goes much beyond the walls of his clinic. He has impacted innumerable families with his deeds of generosity and compassion, bringing hope where there was only despair and pointing kids in the direction of a better future. His steadfast dedication to ensuring the welfare of each kid in his care is an example to us all, serving as a constant reminder of the transformational potential of empathy and compassion.

Best Child psychologist in West Delhi, East Delhi, Central Delhi, South Delhi, Gurugram, NOIDA

If you're looking for the best child psychologists in Janakpuri, Uttam Nagar, Nazafgarh, Dwarka, Paschim Vihar, Vikaspuri, Tilaknagar, Palam Vihar, Delhi Cantt, Vasant Vihar, Gurgaon, Peergarhi, Bhadurgarh  in Delhi, NCR, the Psychowellness Centre is home to several renowned experts in the field. Among the esteemed professionals available at the center is 

  • Dr. R K Suri, a highly respected psychologist with extensive experience in child psychology. 

  • Ms Kala Sengupta, highly acclaimed child psychologist with more than 40 years expereince

  • Ms. Samiksha Sharma, Counselling psychologist

  • Ms. Shulchan Arora, known for their compassionate approach and effective treatment strategies, 

  • Ms. Gurleen Kaur, Counselling psychologist

  • Ms. Samta Pareek bring their unique expertise and dedication to helping children overcome psychological challenges.

  Contribution: Dr (Prof) R K Suri, Clinical Psychologist, life coach &; mentor TalktoAngel &; Ms. Sakshi Dhankhar, Psychologist.