Why Time is Important and How to Live in Present

Why Time is Important and How to Live in Present


Sometimes we think that we have enough time, we will do this work in future. Many of the works in this way gets delayed and hanged. And time flies. Time is eternal. Some of us are unable to pass time and some of us have no time. Whether you got what you wanted in life or not, it depends on whether you have any goal other than eating, sleeping and dealing with the related work? If yes, did you give required time to achieve your goal?



As long as there is life, one will continue to face the troublesome persons and situations. If you keep the bitter time in your mind, then the time will become burdensome and will take away the happiness of the present. If you waste time by engaging in unpleasant matters over which you do not have control, then you will lose your natural spontaneity. You will not be able to gain the enthusiasm to do something worthwhile. You will start feeling apathetic, hopeless. You will be isolated. It is not in the control of man to stop or slow down the movement of time. Considering the difficult moments of the journey of life as inevitable, take the time to live in moment, take pleasure in whatever is better available at present. Kalachakra does not stay in the same position, it is its destiny to keep moving. If good time is not there then bad will also not be here. Our life is not very long. Don't waste time in worrying about or analysing the bad situations of the past. Psychologists says that worrying about past will make you stressed and depress. You cannot go back and change what has happened in the past. Most of the people suffer from anxiety and depression because they keep thinking about the past. This makes them anxious and stressed. If you keep thinking about past you are ruining your present and future both. It is important to understand that past time is gone. But today it is present and time is in your hands to make things better. So focus on time in present.  Keep practicing to be happy. A smiling face is a sure way to reach one's heart.



Enlightened people who are aware of the fast pace of time did not allow it to be destroyed. Only those who reached the astonishing heights made good use of their time to sharpen and refine their skills. You have to take the decision. Get lost in the storm of time or do such things, which will have a pleasant reward for yourself and the future generation.



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