10 Ways to Lose Fat Naturally and Permanently

10 Ways to Lose Fat Naturally and Permanently


Weight loss is directly linked to your mental health. Yes! Everyone likes that flat belly and perfect figure. Losing weight is everyone’s dream. But it demands time, dedication and consistency. Therapist in delhi say these days people are so much into losing weight that they start getting stress and anxiety. People want to lose weight at any cost. Best psychologist in India says losing weight is becoming a major source of stress and anxiety in many people lives. They keep thinking about losing weight and torture themselves by going on strict diet and lifting weight. So today in this blog I am going to talk about some ways on how to lose fat naturally and permanently.


As I mentioned earlier weight loss require consistency. If you do regular exercise and keep a check on your diet you will be able to maintain your weight without getting stressed. Therapist in delhi says stress is one of the reasons of weight gain and if you are stressed because of not losing weight you will actually gain weight. Stress is never good and you should always keep stress at distance from yourself.


On an average you need to burn 500 calories daily to lose approx. 500gms of weight in a week with diet. If you want to maintain your weight burning 100 calories a day is enough for you. The trending thing about weight loss on internet is how to lose fat naturally and permanently. Why? Because many of you cannot life weights daily, many do not have time to go gym, many don not have time for strict weight loss routine, many find difficult to go on diet and list continues.


I will say the best reason of trending query how to lose fat naturally and permanently is understanding. Many of you have now understood that losing weight is a slow process and you should go for weight loss process which you can maintain on a daily basis. This is the reason everyone is looking for ways on how to lose fat naturally and permanently. So here are the natural weight loss ways:


1.Eat Breakfast Daily: Many of you have misconception that skipping breakfast help in reducing weight. This is a myth and wrong habit. If you miss on your breakfast you end up eating lot throughout the day. So never skip your breakfast. People who reduce weight go for healthy breakfast daily.


2.No Eating in Night: You should always go for light dinner if you are looking on how to lose fat naturally and permanently. Have at least gap of 3 hours between dinner and going to bed. Set a time after which you will not eat anything in night. Avoid munching in night while watching TV.


3.Keep Check on Liquid Calories: Liquid drink contain lot of calories because of added sugar in them. If you choose to satisfy your hunger between meals with liquid drinks go for ones without added sugars. You can also opt for lemon juice, vegetable or any citrus drinks. Also of you are an alcohol lover keep check on that because alcohol adds calories quickly. Limit your alcohol intake to weekends if you like to drink.


4.Eat Vegetables and Fruits: If you want to lose fat naturally and permanently go for eating more fruits and salads. Include more of vegetables and fruits in your lunch and dinner. Include bowl of salads and soup in your lunch and dinner. Pick up fruits if you get hungry between meals.


5.Go for Whole Grains: Eat whole grains like whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice and bran flakes. Whole grain contains lot of fiber and keeps you fuller for long.


6.Control Intake: If you actually want to lose fat naturally and permanently you should control your intake. You can do this by filling up your kitchen and fridge with all the healthy snacks. If you are partying do not forget that you are on weight loss and eat according to that. Choose healthy snacks, have control on your plate and keep drinking water so that you can control solid fat intake.


7.Portion Control: Another good way to lose fat naturally and permanently is controlling your portion. Do not eat much in one go. Instead make small portions and eat. Reduce your portion size 10 to 20 percent for good results. Take 5 small meals in a day rather than 3 heavy meals.


8.Walk more: Whenever you get a chance to walk do not skip that. Also add more walk in your routine. Make schedule of morning and evening walk. If you are going to nearby places choose to walk rather than taking car or scooter.


9.Add Protein to Your Diet: Add more low fat protein to your meals and snacks. Like Cottage cheese, peanut butter, yogurt, eggs and lean meat.


10.Opt Light Alternatives: Choose light alternatives for reducing fat naturally and permanently. Like use hummus, salsa, mustard sauce, sweet potatoes and skim milk etc. These light alternatives help you a lot in cutting down your calories.


Work consistently with these ways of losing fat naturally and permanently. You will see the results definitely. If you are stressed because of weight loss than please consult a therapist for reducing your stress and getting guidance on how to work for fat loss.


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