8 Bollywood Celebrities Who Committed Suicide due to Mental Illness

8 Bollywood Celebrities Who Committed Suicide due to Mental Illness


There are many words you can find similar to depression-like melancholy etc. when you search on the internet these days. It is a common form of mental illness and affects most of you. With the symptoms like anxiety, stress, sleeping issues, etc., it may have suicidal thoughts also and in some cases suicide itself. Depression is known as the emotional state of the human mind but it is a more serious mental illness because of which millions of people are committing suicide.


People mostly try to connect mental stability with mental illness and how happy or unhappy a person is. Making connections between mental illness and appearance is quite the wrong thing to do. People say things to people like, “he is having a lot of money and spends a lot on clothes and belongings, how could he be depressed.” Or other phrases like, “he had a lot of fame in such a short span of time. How he could be depressed. He was having all he wants.” 


Mental illness has also hit Bollywood cinema. Some of the actors and actresses also committed suicide in the Bollywood industry .


Below is the list of some people who lost themselves because of this curse:


  1. Guru Dutt: Vasanth Kumar Shivashankar Padukone is the real name of Guru Dutt. He was a director, producer, and actor in Bollywood who was born in 1925. He was known for his black and white classics. He was found dead on his bed in his apartment which was rented. He died on 10th October 1964. It is said that he mixed sleeping pills with alcohol. It is still not clear whether it was suicide or an accident but it is said that it was his third attempt at suicide. His son considered it an accident because he was having sleep disorders and used to take sleeping pills. One night he was drunk and had an overdose of sleeping pills, which resulted in his death.

  2. Vijayalakshmi: She was known by her name as Silk Smitha. She was a south Indian actress who was born in 1960. She had worked in around 450 films in Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi languages. She was known as the sex symbol and the most erotic actress. On 23 September 1996, she was found dead in her apartment in Chennai. She also committed suicide. The reason for her death is still a mystery but it is said that she was in debt from producing movies and was in depression because of this. In the postmortem report, it was found that she committed suicide by hanging herself with a saree and there were high traces of alcohol in her body.

  3. Monal Naval: Her full name was Radhamonal Naval. She was born in 1981.  She had worked in Tamil language films. She also committed suicide and was found hanging in her room in Chennai in 2002. Her sister Simran said that she had a breakup with his boyfriend and after that, she committed suicide.

  4. Santosh Jogi: He was born in 1974/1975 and was a Malayalee actor and singer. He worked in more than 30 films and was known for his role as a villain in the movie Mayavi. He also committed suicide and was found dead in his friends flat in Thrissur on 13th April 2010. It was said that he was facing some family issues.

  5. Jiah Khan: Her original name was Nafisa Rizvi Khan and she was born in 1988. She was a British American actress and singer. On 3rd June 2013, she was found dead in her family’s residence in Juhu, Mumbai. She hanged herself. After some days of her death, a six-page suicide letter was found from her house and it was mentioned that she is committing suicide because of her boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi. She founded some foul play against him.

  6. Sai Prashanth: The actor was born in 1985 and had worked in Tamil language films and TV serials. He committed suicide by drinking poisoned drinks at his own house on 13th March 2016. Police claimed from a suicide note found at his residence that he was suffering from depression and loneliness. 

  7. Kushal Punjabi: The actor was born in 1977 and worked in many reality shows and TV serials. He also won many prizes. On 26th December 2019, he was found hanging in his house in Mumbai and died at the age of 42. He was also suffering from depression. 

  8. Sushant Singh Rajput: The Indian actor was born in 1986 and started his career in TV serials. He was found hanged in his house in Bandra on 14th June 2020. There was no suicide note found but it was reported that the actor was continuously suffering from depression. According to Mumbai police, some medical papers and antidepressant pills were also found from his house.

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