8 Tips To Stop Overthinking

8 Tips To Stop Overthinking


Overthinking is thinking about something too much so that it starts to interfere with the normal and daily functioning of life. Thinking is a normal process. When you evaluate something or are trapped in some problematic situations you are thinking about it in a continuous pattern. But when you cannot help it to get the problem out of your head, then it is overthinking. Everyone suffers from overthinking at some point in their lives but for some of you overthinking becomes a matter of concern. Overthinking leads to the prediction of future events, whether they are going to happen or not.


Overthinking is basically characterized by negative self-talk which can also be a symptom of depression. Chronic overthinking or making a tough decision may lead to sleepless nights. It can also increase your level of stress. When you think about something in an endless circle, it leads to exhaustion, which can be physical or mental in nature. 


When you overthink, you spend most of your time thinking this is known as pressure. People usually take pressure as stress. They think continuously about things that happened and start to criticize themselves. This criticism leads to frustration and hence depression.


Overthinking is basically destructive in nature. It is mentally draining. If you overthink you feel like you are stuck at some point in your life and also find it difficult to come out of this thinking process. 


You overthink because you are scared of your future and keep on thinking in your head. When you overthink it takes control over your life and you are not able to participate actively in the activities going on in your life.


Tips to free yourself from overthinking:


  1. The first and foremost thing is to be aware that you are overthinking. You have to be conscious of your thoughts so that you can look over the situation and see how you are responding.

  2. Try to be positive in everything and every situation you are facing. Overthinking is caused by a single thought that is fear. When you focus on all the negatives in your life, then you feel frustrated. Next time when you think that you are going in the same direction, change your thinking from negative to positive. 

  3. Try to distract yourself from sadness to happiness. Things like meditation, dance, music, etc. can help you distract from the negatives, practice them daily in your life.

  4. Exaggeration of things is normal human nature. When you feel this way, try to think about the use of that after five years or the next month. When you change the time frame, you shut the process of overthinking.

  5. Stop waiting for things to be perfect. When you think that things should be perfect then your expectations are increased. Increased expectations can lead to disappointments and it will stop progress also.

  6. Try to distract yourself by doing the things you love doing earlier. You can find it hard to try something especially when you are overwhelmed with your thoughts. 

  7. When you find yourself overthinking about something, try taking deep breaths. This will work for you, making yourself distracted and helping you to overcome your negative thinking.

  8. Pay gratitude every day to the small things you have with you or the situations you face each day. Try to pay gratitude to your bed, your pillow, your food, and everything. You can also make a list of the things you are grateful for in a day.


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