8 Important Parenting Skills for strict parents

8 Important Parenting Skills for strict parents


Parenting is mostly about taking best decisions in interest of your child. Parenting is not about being perfect or strict parents.


No parent is perfect, no kid is perfect. No one is perfect.


Parenting skills work best when you set small goals for yourself and your child. Parenting is always a team work between you and child. You can be a parent who can talk to their child about anything and everything. But when it comes to take certain actions for the benefit of your child you can be a strict parent. 


Strict parent does not mean stopping your child to do certain things, slapping or shouting a child, making him or her seek permissions always for each and everything, giving no freedom to child. It means you are a parent who can take strong action and raise your voice for taking decision for the good of your child. You are cool, understanding and strict. It is ok to be a strict parents about attitude, behaviour, manners and education of your child. In fact you, me and kids of 70s, 80s, 90s have closely seen strict parents. And I think sometimes it is good if parents are strict. 


No one can master all parenting skills but if you know parenting skills and try to incorporate them you can be sure that you are on right track. Here are some parenting skills that you can work on for better parenting so that you can be a strict parent as well but not harsh:


1.You are the Role Model:


Children are good at imitation. They imitate what they watch. Don’t tell your children what you want them to be. Show them by incorporating same behavior in your lifestyle. Before you act always remember this is how you want your child to be.


Show positive attitude, respect and love in front of your child to learn this behavior. If you will show anger they will imitate anger, if you show love they will imitate love.


2.Love not Spoil:


Loving your child is not about over protection, fulfilling all their demands, accepting any behavior etc. This love is spoiling your child. Real love is hugging them, kissing them, spending time with them and talking to them.


3.Develop Positive attitude:


Always focus on positive sides of everything for good parenting results. As I said earlier kids watch and imitate. If you will focus on positive sides your child will learn to develop a positive attitude for things.


4.Spend Time:


Spend some time together with your child daily. Spending time together helps in creating a good bond between you and child. Your child will never hesitate in sharing something with you because when you spend time together you know each other. This gives your child confidence that you understand and listen to them.


5.Talk to Your child:


Talk to your child and ask them about their experience of the day. How they spend their day, what they did, what they eat, whom they meet etc. This helps in growing communication and memorizing things in your child.


6.Think about your childhood:


Think about your childhood and figure out how your parents did parenting. What you would like to change and what you would like to incorporate in your parenting skills.


7.Don’t forget your well-being:


Parenting does not mean giving no time to yourself, you marriage and relationships. You should not ignore taking out time for yourself. Take a break and spend some “me time”, spend time with your spouse and friends. Taking care of your physical, mental, emotional and social health is an important aspect of good parenting.


8.No spanking:


Spanking results in bad parent – child relationships and make child aggressive. Do not spank your child instead teach them the difference between right and wrong. Spanking will develop violence in your child.


As I mentioned earlier parenting is not about being perfect, take time to research about parenting skills. If you find you are lacking somewhere in parenting don’t hesitate from taking help of professionals. Dr. R.K. Suri clinical psychologist suggests that parents should not hesitate in seeking help of child psychologists for good parenting skills.



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