How Thoughts Radiate Energy Around Us !

How Thoughts Radiate Energy Around Us !


Positive thinking or think positive is a common phrase we say to people. But sometimes the situations are miserable that we are unable to think positive. Like the current situation where we see pain and sorrow around us. In a current situation where many are losing their near and dear ones, how can we ask them to “think positive” and we should not. In this situation when nothing nice is visible we need to think right. There is a difference between positive thinking and right thinking.  When we come across situations where nothing nice is visible it is not important to think positive that time but thinking right is important.


Why right thinking?


We should always focus on our thinking. Whatever we think our thoughts radiate the same energy. Our thoughts influence our energy and hence people around us. And we never take care of our thoughts. We take care of our work, health, and fitness, house, family, friends, and relationships.  We take care of everything around us that is visible. But we never take care of our thoughts and mind which actually should be on top of our list.


We give all our attention to taking care of visible things around us but never think about cleaning our minds. There are times when we feel emotionally heavy but nobody asks us about what is going on in our mind because that is not visible. We don’t think about the health of our mind because the basic principle of our life is wrong. We focus on taking care of things and people around us like family, work, etc thinking if this all is good and happy we will be good and happy. We believe if everything is taken care of outside, then happiness will be created automatically in our minds.


Let us understand this with an example when we solve mathematics problems we use certain formulas. If we will use the wrong formula we will get the wrong answer for sure. The first formula we used is wrong and we are expecting the right answer. This is not possible. Similarly, if our mind is not healthy we cannot create and experience happiness.


We never focus on our thoughts despite knowing the facts that Our thoughts create our world. We need to have right thinking in every aspect of our life for keeping us and the people around us happy. Not just body we need to keep our mind fit as well. To keep our mind fit we need to think right. We need to clean and heal our minds to think right.


All our thoughts affect our feelings. If we hold pain, guilt, hatred, and anger in our minds we will radiate the same around us. Also, these feelings affect our mental health. The increasing number of depression cases is proof that we never focus on our mental health.


If we focus on changing our lifestyle for good but don’t change our thoughts no good will come. We should change

  • how to think,
  • how to speak,
  • how to behave

only we can create happiness around us and for us.


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