Story of Mindset: Napoleon Bonaparte

Story of Mindset: Napoleon Bonaparte


Napoleon Bonaparte never believed in the word Impossible. Once he was going to war with his soldiers and had to cross the Alps mountain. No one ever succeeds to get across the Alps. All soldiers in the army were aware of difficulties in crossing the Alps. When Napoleon and his army unit were on their way to the Alps they met an old lady.



When the lady came to know about them going towards the Alps she suggested stepping back. She said nobody ever managed to cross the Alps and whoever tried never returned back. It is impossible to get across the Alps. To which Napoleon took out his precious necklace and gifted it to the old lady. The lady was surprised, he said I will get across the mountain and I am gifting this necklace to you because I want you to narrate the story of my success getting across the Alps to everyone. The lady smiled and said you will definitely get across the Alps I am sure.



Napoleon was confident enough to cross the Alps but after listening to the old lady all soldiers were scared. They did not want to move forward. They assumed they won’t be able to cross the Alps and don’t want to lose their lives.



Napoleon asked anyone of you has seen the Alps? Soldiers replied no. Napoleon said fine you all come with me. When we will reach the Alps I will let know. You can decide that time to cross it or not and you all will see the Alps also. All soldiers agreed with him and decided to move further. After walking miles, they saw one mountain, and soldiers asked it the Alps? Napoleon answered, no it is not the Alps. The Alps is bigger and higher than this.



Napoleon and soldiers crossed that mountain. Tired soldiers asked Napoleon how far is the Alps? To which Napoleon smiled and said, “you all already crossed Alps mountain”.



This is the power of your mindset. You should always focus on a solution-oriented mindset and not a problem-oriented one. The soldiers gave up before facing the problem. They heard the lady talking about difficulties and decided we cannot cross the Alps. They judged their abilities before facing problems. The soldiers here show a problem-oriented mindset. They all focused on the problem without giving try to a solution.



What you learn from this story:



  • Never stop believing yourself
  • Don’t hesitate to take risks
  • Never stop learning
  • Focus on solutions
  • Do not give up without trying
  • Face problem before giving up


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