Top 6 Mentally Vulnerable People During COVID 19

Top 6 Mentally Vulnerable People During COVID 19


Vulnerability means when you are unable to cope and recover from the impact of calamity. During this pandemic, mental health vulnerability is seen mostly in people. An elevated level of fear, stress, and anxiety are common challenges faced by people in pandemics. Lockdown, social distancing, and suspension of daily activities make people depressed. COVID 19 has impacted all of us but there are some people who are vulnerable to COVID and facing mental issues.


The underprivileged:


People are running towards their hometown because of the shutdown. It is difficult for people living on daily wages to survive in this lockdown phase. Fear of hunger has made them run towards their homes. Poverty and fear have increased anxiety, stress, and depression among these people. The current situation is badly impacting the mental health of thousands of underprivileged people.


Frontline workers:


Doctors, pharmacists, volunteers, police, security services, and grocers are all working at the front during the Pandemic crisis. They are doing everything to help people in their respective forms. Doctors are providing treatment, pharmacists are making sure for medicines, volunteers are proving all help regarding plasma, oxygen, beds, etc, police and security forces are making sure for guidelines to be followed strictly, grocers are helping to deliver eatables to doorsteps. Every frontline worker is making sure to execute responsibilities to best. They are at a high chance of catching the infection.


Watching people die due to lack of resources, saying no in these difficult times badly impacts the mental health of health professionals. Their mental health is degrading because they see thousands dying due to a shortage of resources like oxygen and beds. Their helplessness is making them prey to depression, anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD.


Dr. R.K.Suri suggests mood-lightening techniques for frontline workers like relaxation techniques, watching humorous movies, reading, meditating, and yoga.  This will help relieve their mental health symptoms.


Pregnant women:


Pregnancy is an exciting period for women but pandemic has made it a worrying period. Soon-to-be moms are continuously under fear and stress of catching the virus. Fear of catching the virus is affecting their mental state with anxiety and depressive disorders.


Mental patients:


People who were already facing some mental disorders are at high risk of worsening their existing conditions. No visit to doctors and the current depressing situation are fueling their anxiety, fear, and stress.


Senior citizens:


Older adults already feel lonely on normal days. This situation of isolation is making them lonely. Social isolation, distancing, and unable to meet their daily friends are damaging their mental health. Spend time with older adults at home, play indoor games like snake ladder, carom, chess, etc with them to keep them engaged and energetic, says clinical psychologist Dr.R.K.Suri.


Gender Minority:


These people already face challenges and struggle in their living during ordinary days. The current Pandemic situation makes them victims of violence. They are facing harmful mental health symptoms like substance abuse, sexual abuse, PTSD, and depression.


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