Know Yourself First to See Solutions

Know Yourself First to See Solutions


To build and maintain close relationships with others like friends, mother, father, brother, husband, etc we need to build a good relationship with our mind and body first.  When we understand our minds we can understand our emotions and feelings better. This understanding helps in taking wise decisions in different situations. When we master our emotions we don’t get carried away and hence can focus and react according to the situation.


For example, if you know the causes of your anger whenever such a situation comes, you can deal with it differently compared to when you had no idea of what causes anger in you.


Life always gives us situations and we create solutions by dealing with them. Basically, the solution is created by us. We all create solutions according to our knowledge and understanding. If we know ourselves our solutions will be wise.


In most cases, we see problems in relationships because of a lack of self-love and self-awareness. You want to be loved but for that, you should love yourself first. Whenever there is conflict it is because firstly, we often find a mistake in others, and secondly, we seek sympathy from others why?


The first case is when we are a person who thinks we can never be wrong and the second is when we admit our mistakes just to gain sympathy. But there is no need of doing this if we know ourselves. Only we can give meaning to our lives, so there is no need to expect appreciation or sympathy from others.


Explore yourself, your inner strength, energy sources and appreciate them. Love and respect yourself, cherish every moment of your life, and be grateful for everything you have.


When you will learn this art of knowing and loving yourself you will learn to deal with any situation wisely. When you love yourself, people love you. Always trust and believe in yourself.


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