5 Reasons Why A Women Cannot Leave An Abusive Relationship

5 Reasons Why A Women Cannot Leave An Abusive Relationship


When people hear that a woman is staying in an abusive relationship, they always question as to why she is staying in an abusive relationship, why can’t she just leave the partner and go away? When a woman is in an abusive relationship and she thinks to leave her abusive partner and move on in life so that she will be happy and secure. But leaving the relationship is not that easy. 


Why can't a woman leave or break a relationship? Simple because she is deeply in love with her partner. She makes attempts to change her partner. Some researchers have shown that on average woman can make up to seven attempts before she actually ends a relationship with her partner. As marriage is not a contract between two partners, she prefers staying with the abusive partner. It is a fact that some women don’t even really leave till the end of their lives. The reasons behind this are many including their parent’s values.


Some common reasons why a woman is there in an abusive relationship are as follows:


  1. There are a lot of distorted thoughts: The hurt which a woman gets is traumatizing and can lead to a lot of confusion, self-blame, and doubt on herself as well as others. When the partner accuses and criticizes her, it wears and tears her which causes despair and guilt in her. Some women shared what she felt said that she thought she deserved that and because of this trauma she was ashamed of her and blamed herself for provoking partners.


  1. Self-worth is damaged: Some distorted thoughts damage her self worth. Like she was beaten up by her husband for no particular reason and felt worthless and alone. A woman is made to think that she has done something wrong and therefore she deserves this kind of treatment.


  1. She was in fear:  When there is a threat of emotional harm or physical harm by the partner, there is fear in the mind and heart of the woman. The woman thinks that she is trapped. According to research female victims are more as compared to males. Some abusive partners give a threat of hurting their loved ones if she leaves. This also brings fear in a woman and she will not leave her partner.


  1. Women think that their love could change them: Some women think that they can change their abusive husband and his behavior with love and loyalty. Some say that they will love them till the day they don’t revert back love to them. 


  1. They may have children: This is one of the big reasons why she doesn't want to leave the abusive relationship. Women can sacrifice their safety for their children. Some are there in such relationships to give their children a father so that people don’t curse them. 


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