For Whom You Have Room in Your Life - Rocks, Pebbles, Sand?

For Whom You Have Room in Your Life - Rocks, Pebbles, Sand?


One day a Philosophy professor came to class with large empty jug. All students wondered why the professor brought empty jug. The professor explained to teach an important learning to class today.


He first filled the jug with large rocks and asked students is the jug full or empty?


Students replied, jug is full.


He then added some pebbles into the jug and shake it. Pebbles were settled in the jug in empty spaces between rocks. Now professor again asked students is the jug full?


Again, students replied, jug is full.


To student surprise, the professor this time added some sand and shake jug. The sand was all settled nicely in empty spaces.


This time professor said now the jug is full. And started explaining the reason behind conducting this experiment.


He said, the jug represents your life and rocks, pebbles and sand are things that comes in your life.


The rocks represent your family, friends and health. All three are important for living life. If you don’t have pebbles and sand your life is still good and you are not missing on something. You cannot live life without these three things.


The pebbles represent your job, work, house and hobbies. These things matter in your life and give meaning to your life but you can still live life without them. All this come and go in your life but they are not essential for your well-being.


The sand represents momentary things which gives you happiness or good feeling. Like watching television, browsing social media, shopping etc. They are just things that give you momentary pleasure.


You should always give important to your family, friends and health because they are going to stay in your life forever. They are important for good conduct of life.


You should always have room for rocks in your life for effective and efficient life. Because they stay with you lifelong.


If you will fill your life with pebbles and sand and have no room for rocks you will miss out on all the important things in your life. You will have no one to share with, no one to chat with, no one to love and care. So always have room for rocks in your life.



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