Why it is Important to Develop Spirituality

Why it is Important to Develop Spirituality


Due to the developments in the field of physics, we have adapted many convenient tools today, which saves our time. We should have got more time by using them, but it did not happen. Apparently, we are so caught up with use of these facilities that time is running short. We are busy with machines, tech gadgets, mobile and surfing internet. We do not even get time to look inside ourselves and examine the purpose of life. Thus we are away from spirituality. 


The best psychologist in India says living a busy lifestyle make us anxious and restless. We are stuck up so badly that sometimes we loose control and become restless, stressed. We start thinking and one day we ask ourselves whether the purpose of our life is only to be born, to grow up, to fulfill our responsibilities and to die, or is there something more to it?


According to Guru's human life has three aspects -

1. Intellectual

2. Physical and

3. Spiritual.


Keeping these three aspects in mind, we should move forward. We have made great progress in intellectual and physical development but have forgotten the spiritual aspect. We are lucky that we have got human birth. In this life of ours, if we do not find time for our spiritual development, then we will not be able to fulfill our goal. Spiritual developement is important for mental health and physical health both. 


Spirituality teaches us to develop high ideals of life and become better human beings. To develop the spiritual aspect, it is necessary that we start giving spiritual education to the children from a young age so that they can grow up to become good human beings.


Spirituality inculcates love and compassion for each other. Teaches to help others. The practice of meditation is one such way, by which one can develop virtues within himself. That is spirituality. Through meditation-practice, we not only come to know the higher ideals of life, but also recognize the soul that resides within us. Then it is not difficult to recognize God. Introspect in meditation. Find peace and joy by connecting with inner music. Our concentration increases with the practice of meditation. We are able to do every task efficiently. 


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