Why You Need to Refine Your Emotions

Why You Need to Refine Your Emotions


The essence of our scriptures is, as our feeling will be, so will our movement. If our spirit is pure, then our movement will also be beneficial. If our feeling is impure then the movement will also be destructive.


Emotion is a great mystery of life. One who knows this secret understands it and adopts it, he makes his life meaningful. Emotion plays an important role in converting action into action. If there is no feeling, then karma remains like a mere action, whose effect is immediate. Action becomes karma with emotion and always stays with us and shows its effect.


Our anger and hatred make us do such actions, which get deeply attached to us. They stay with us till birth after birth. It is important to understand that it is our feelings that come before us in various forms of actions.


Therefore, if you want to improve your karma, then emotions have to be refined, they have to be made auspicious. The same prayer is accepted in front of God, in which the sacred feeling is mixed. The purer, simpler, purer the feeling, the more effective it is. Then wherever God is, that distance becomes negligible in front of these feelings, but if there are only thoughts, they do not have feelings, then they cannot affect anyone. According to the spirit with which a person performs the action, he gets the fruits accordingly.


A person with feelings is sensitive and a person without emotion is like a stone. Emotion is subtle and by experiencing its flow it can be known that what is its nature? Just as a flower spreads fragrance, food spreads the aroma of taste, and decay spreads stench, similarly according to the nature of emotion a person spreads feelings all around him. 



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