Top 10 Life Lessons To Learn From Mahabharata

Top 10 Life Lessons To Learn From Mahabharata


Mahabharata is one of the greatest epics in Hindu mythology and unfolds the greatest treasures to overwhelm us and learn from it. Mahabharata has a lot to teach us and holds relevance even during the present time. It offers solutions to many of our life problems and real ways of leading a happy life.



Here are some of the great learnings from Mahabharata which holds true even in today’s life and should be incorporated in our life:



  1. No revengeful instinct – We should not let a revengeful attitude grow in our life because it only leads to destruction. The main reason behind the war between Pandavas and Kauravas was revenge. Kauravas always had a revengeful attitude towards Pandavas which destroyed everything. We all know war does not spare anyone and can not differentiate between kids and adults. The war of Mahabharata killed Draupadi’s five children and Abhimanyu.

  2. Always stand for the right – Initially, Arjuna was scared and hesitant in fighting a war against his brothers, uncle, and gurus. But Krishna reminded him of his duties and dharma. Krishna told him to fulfill his duties of dharma even if he has to fight and stand against his family. We should always stand for the right.

  3. Everlasting Friendship – The friendship between Arjuna and Krishna, Karan and Duryodhan teach us how friendship supports us in difficult times. Friends always stood by us. Even after knowing the truth that Pandavas are his brothers Karan still stood up against Pandavas for his eternal bond of friendship with Duryodhana. Similarly, Krishna supported Pandavas unconditionally during the war.

  4. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing – We should have full knowledge of what we are doing else we may end up with bad consequences just like Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna. Half knowledge has such an adverse impact that Abhimanyu lost his life because he only knew to enter the chkaravyuh.

  5. Greed makes you Poor – Greed will never make you win. Yudhishthir lost everything in the gambling game out of greed.

  6. Never give up – Karan is the best example in Mahabharata to learn never to give up in life lessons. He dealt with discrimination and disgrace all his life. He was equivalent to Arjuna in skills but never got the same respect and platform to showcase his skills because he was called a suta-putra. But nothing distracted him from pursuing his goals and he became a famous archer.

  7. Become strong women – Draupadi was a strong, powerful, and fiery woman. She was insulted among all but she took a stand for herself. We should be strong and powerful like Draupadi

  8. Accept the Change – Krishna says change is the law of nature and you should accept the change. At first, second Pandavas were lords of palaces while at another second they lost everything and were wandering in forests hiding their identity. They accepted this drastic change and prepared themselves for war.

  9. Everything happens for good – Draupadi was insulted by Kauravas with her cheer haran in front of all but this happened so that later dharma could be established. So one should not lose hope and stand strong always.

  10. Never disregard your blessings – Shishupal was Krishna’s cousin and he was to die at the hands of Krishna. Shishupal’s mother took the promise from Krishna that he will forgive the first hundred mistakes of Shishupal. But shishupal disregarded his blessing and kept abusing Krishna. Ultimately he crossed his limit of hundred sins and died. If he would have valued his blessing he has been lived. We should always value our blessings.




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