Importance of Prioritising Tasks By Benjamin Franklin Story

Importance of Prioritising Tasks By Benjamin Franklin Story


Benjamin Franklin was President of USA. Today’s story is about time management taken from biography of Benjamin Franklin.


While his presidentship he was working a lot but people were not happy. They had lot of complaints from him. People blamed him of not working, not paying attention towards the nation, not meeting people etc.


News channels were full of criticism and complains against him by people. He was disappointed hearing so much complaints against him. He decided to check where he is lacking, fix it and make people happy.


He started writing all tasks in a diary. He made three categories: Important tasks, less important tasks and avoidable tasks. After maintain the diary for a week he figured out that he was paying more attention to avoidable and less important tasks. This is the reason why people are not happy with him.


He continued his working by making diary and finally achieved his goal of making people happy.


With fulfill responsibilities we should be aware of prioritizing our tasks. We should be aware of avoiding tasks and least important tasks so that we can focus on important tasks. Our focus should not be on doing everything but on prioritizing tasks according to the situation.


If we will learn to prioritize our tasks we will get best and feel relaxed.


You must have noticed people generally saying “Today I am tired or exhausted, I had so much work”


This is wrong statement. You never get tired by doing work. You get tired when you choose avoidable task or less important task unknowingly.


For example, When you complete your office task by evening you feel relaxed going home. You have thoughts like; Ahh now I will go home and chill, watch movie, go out with friends on shopping etc.


But if your work is not completed by evening you will leave office exhausted with thoughts ohh I am tired my work is not completed, I have to go home and work again, I will work late night today etc.


Too much work gives you satisfaction. You never get tired by too much work. You get tired when work is not completed. This is why prioritizing your work is important. No one gets tired after work is done. Instead, you feel relaxed. Doing unimportant or avoidable task makes you exhausted.


Never waste time by choosing less important or avoidable tasks.



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